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A tool to organize and manage your customer database effectively and securely, increasing sales opportunities and optimizing all processes for a better relationship with potential customers.

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Prospector Web offers top-notch services including trained virtual assistants, SMS marketing, skip tracing, and purchasing phone numbers throughout the USA. Experience excellence and efficiency with our skilled team and comprehensive solutions.

About Us

What We Do Best

At Prospector Web, we are on a mission to revolutionize the CRM and communications landscape in the United States. Our focus is simple yet powerful: to empower wholesalers and investors with cutting-edge messaging services that drive rapid growth and seamless lead generation.

In the dynamic world of Real Estate, we tirelessly strive to serve Investors and Entrepreneurs with unparalleled tools through our innovative Virtual Assistant platform. Our commitment to innovation is unwavering, and we embrace a team-first ethos to make an indelible mark on the Real Estate industry.



SMS Messaging: Engage your audience through direct SMS communication.

SMS Messaging

Send and receive text messages is a breeze with our low cost, top-notch tools through to our high quality SMS gateway API.

SMS Campaigns

Create targeted SMS campaigns for precise outreach and rapid-fire texting.

Drip Campaigns

Automate customer journeys with drip campaigns. (Coming Soon...)

Reporting & Analytics

Gain insights through comprehensive reporting tools.

Managed SaaS

Offer a white-label, fully-managed SaaS solution on your domain.

Virtual assistant for lead generation

By hiring a virtual assistant for lead generation, you can be confident that the leads you get are quality, making it easier for your sales team to convert them. The last thing you want is tons of leads who don’t care about what you have to offer because you’ll waste time and resources trying to convert people that never will

SMS Lead Generation

High Growth is what we are best at

Prospector Web offers a comprehensive platform for consistent lead generation, empowering small and medium-sized enterprises to surpass growth targets and enhance customer retention. With us, you can gain profound insights into your customers’ needs, seamlessly organize information in one unified platform, and facilitate access for your entire workforce.

With Prospector Web, you gain the ability to:

  • Dive deep into your customers’ needs, allowing you to tailor your approach effectively.
  • Organize and centralize all your essential information within one unified platform, simplifying your workflow.
  • Facilitate seamless access for your entire workforce, promoting collaboration and enhancing overall productivity.


Choose Prospector Web to elevate your business to new heights of success.


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Utilize our services such as SMS marketing, and much more to unlock your success and grow your business.